The Adopt-a-Block program is an outreach that demonstrates Godʼs unconditional love to the Denver community through practical acts of service. The vision of Adopt-a-Block is to build long-term relationships and trust with the neighborhoods we serve. As we consistently serve each week, we believe that God is creating supernatural change and making a lasting impact in the lives of the people we meet. Join us as we serve food, play games, paint nails, distribute donations, and build family!

MLK Adopt-A-Block

Join us as we kick off the new year with our amazing MLK weekend adopt a block. We will be hosting a drive-through food drive for families at the Ball arena in the corolla lot. After we wrap up the drive-through we will load our vehicles and head out to the neighborhoods to host a block party event with games, food, and donations.



Adopt-A-Block Sites


This neighborhood has 192 housing units and of those over half are single parent homes. The average income is between $8,000 - $10,000 per year. At any given time there are around 400 kids in the neighborhood under the age of 17.


The Westwood neighborhood has 192 total housing units.
The average income is between $8,000 - $10,000 per year.
At any given time there are around 400  kids in the neighborhood under the age of 17.

Street Team

Downtown Denver is experiencing a rise in homelessness. Because of our relationship with the city, the Denver Dream Center has been asked to be a part of the solution. This is why our Street Team exists. We consistently visit a four block radius around the intersection of 22nd and Stout. 


The Denver Dram Center got involved in the Elevado Estates Mobile Home Park when we learned that one of our FIT alumni families had moved in. She reached out for help with a heart to serve her neighbors, too, so we decided to make this neighborhood an official AAB site. Elevado is a primarily Hispanic community made up of 77 home lots. 

Quigg Newton

With 380 units, this neighborhood is the largest housing project in the state of Colorado. The average income is between $8,000-$10,000 per year. at any given time there are between 800 and 1,000 kids in the neighborhood under the age of 17.


obeville is a large neighborhood in Denver that is largely Hispanic.  
This neighborhood is one of the most impoverished and has one of the highest crime rates in all of Denver.
There are so many kind and appreciative people in this neighborhood and the people you will meet have some incredible stories!