The DDC internship is an incredible and powerful way to gain practical ministry and non-profit experience. You’ll leave with a resume that inspires storytelling! But most importantly, you will experience God in such a unique way. You’ll be challenged in your personal faith and you’ll learn how to see and serve others like Jesus. You’ll gain a family that will always support you and empower you to be all that God created you to be as you chase your dreams. 



The dream center internship has not only helped me grow in my own personal faith, but it has also shown me the true power that Jesus has over our lives! I’ve experienced deep love and joy for these people and I have a forever home and a permanent family! 



I was pushed in my faith and was able to reach the people of Denver like I never thought I would be able to!  Also seeing how God can use anyone to grow the kingdom from a child to someone who has an Electrical Engineering degree.


To Develop the call of God on your life to pursue "in the trenches" ministry.

An internship at the Denver Dream Center is unlike any other program. Here you will gain exponential experience in the non-profit realm and see the behind the scenes operation on how we operate. Everyday is truly something new. 

Our programs work daily directly with single families, at risk youth, DOC inmates, people struggling with sober living/ addiction, homelessness, and so much more. 


This isn't for the faint of heart.

But if you feel like being apart of something bigger than yourself and help change the city of Denver, than maybe this is for you.

Spots are limited so apply today!