Many Ways To Serve



The Adopt-a-Block program is an outreach that demonstrates Godʼs unconditional love to the Denver community through practical acts of service. The vision of Adopt-a-Block is to build long-term relationships and trust with the neighborhoods we serve. As we consistently serve each week, we believe that God is creating supernatural change and making a lasting impact in the lives of the people we meet. Join us as we serve food, play games, paint nails, distribute donations, and build family!



Defeating gang involvement and substance abuse issues is often as simple as providing alternative activities. Sports are an incredible medium through which we reach the most at-risk youth in Denver and offer a different pathway. A fun pathway. But we don't just start and stop with sports. Kids getting involved with Denver Dream Center sports funnel into other youth programs and often get their entire families involved with the Dream Center.



In the Families In Transition program (FIT), we come alongside families to become a consistent assist on a journey to stability, to help them gain support in spiritual, emotional, educational, and financial areas, while establishing and engaging in community. We focus on building a solid foundation, so they are set up for life long success. 



THRIVE is our re-entry ministry designed to encourage and assist men as they integrate back into life after prison. We come alongside individuals to create positive support systems, reestablish family relationships, assist with job placement, and connect with needed healthcare. We offer Bible studies, faith-based etiquette classes, and character-development classes. We also have volunteer opportunities that open the doors for God to work in and through these men. Ultimately, THRIVE is designed to help our clients succeed in many places they might have failed in the past while also teaching them about the love of God.



The DDC Academy strives to provide assistance and opportunities for inner-city students to improve in subjects they are currently studying or to acquire new skills. We believe education and the arts are key in helping students grow to their full potential and we want to do our part to make sure these students thrive. We focus on education, creative thinking, and leadership development and believe in empowering our students to be the best person they can be!


We collect food, clothing, and household items to care for families and individuals in need. Donations are collected and distributed based on availability and the nature of each situation. We have found great joy in delivering beds to kids sleeping on the floor, putting food in an empty pantry, and making sure families have more than one change of clothes!


If you are interested in donating please click the more info button down below. There you will get more information on what we are able to accept and what we can not accept and info on when and where to drop off donations.


Email: info@denverdc.org

Phone: 720-510-9113